Samsung fast charging review

Samsung Wireless Fast Charging Pad

Product Description:

Charge your device with this amazing Wireless Fast Charging Pad designed and introduced by the Korean Giant, Samsung. Available in white or black sapphire, the all-new wireless fast charging device can charge your handset with a lighting fast charging speed, which is 1.4x faster than other wireless charging pads.

Coming with a Universal Wireless Charging support for Qi-enabled devices, it offers wireless fast charging feature, which is compatible only with Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+.This wireless charging pad employs Qi inductive charging technology, allowing you to charge your device wirelessly with super-fast speed. Now, you don’t need to struggle with those messy, tangled wires and spend hours charging your smartphone.

All you need is to put your device on the wireless charging pad to get your smartphone fully charged in no time. The charging pad also allows you to use your device while charging without having to unplug, taking your charging experience to the next level. So, start enjoying fast wireless charging with Samsung Wireless Fast Charging Pad. The built-in LED light indicator keeps you posted with charging levels and also alerts you if the device isn’t properly placed in the center of charging pad. A spare Fast Charge Wall charger is provided complimentary with this wireless fast charging pad.


  • The ultimate wireless fast charging experience
  • Attractive, minimalist design with modern needs in minds
  • Qi Inductive charging technology
  • Super easy to use
  • LED light indicator keeps you posted with the charging status

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