The samsung s7 s view clear covers

The official samsung s7 s view clear cover has been around for a while now since I beleive the samsung s2 actually.  These can be found at our store at  .  The retail price is 59.95 but we have a buy one great free sale going right now for a limited time .  This year of course you dont have to remove your battery door as the s7 samsung smartphone does not have a battery door.  What you have to do is just clip it onto the phone which is very easy to and your all set.  Some features for this case of course is you can check incoming calls through the area of the case that is open in the front.  It also has a clear section of course for the great samsung camera on the back of phone.  You can check the weather on your phone as well through the front.  I have heard about scratches appearing on the screen but that can happen anyways if your not wiping particles that get on your phone.  You can get missed calls and text messages.

On the backside there is samsung branding which looks very nice.  It comes in retail packaging as well.  There are alot of counterfeit type cases like this on ebay so make sure your purchasing from an authorized distributor. We also have wholesale availabel in the s7 samsung cases .


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