Fast Samsung Charger

Fast Samsung Charger in Retail Packaging

The fast samsung charger were selling does come in retail packaging and is oem authentic from an authorized samsung distributor.  I have noticed there are a lot of counterfeit samsung products out there.  There are some sellers selling the chargers on ebay for under 8 dollars each.  Those would probably not be authentic if they are selling a lot of them.  Anybody can have any product in smaller quantities so you cannot say just by that.

A Way to Tell If It is counterfeit

When you look at your fast samsung charger and on the backside you will were it say’s riskofelectricshock.  If it is like this than it is probably counterfeit.  If it says RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK, then it is most likely not counterfeit.  The counterfeiters like to cut corners and this is one I have found. Another way to tell is I know when you purchase samsung chargers in bulk from the distributors they come in a zip log like bag.  The chinese counterfeits usually come in a plastic bag with a white background on it. That is a great way to tell as well.

Samsung Charger Speeds

Samsung chargers that are called fast charger’s should charge your smartphone from zero to 50 percent in around 30 minutes. Of course a charger could be defective so this not 100 percent a way to tell.

Were Are Samsung Fast Chargers Made?

Samsung currently makes the fast chargers in Vietnam and China.  I have seen customers state there only made in china but this information is false.




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