Samsung Fast Charger

Are Samsung Fast Charger’s Worth It?

The samsung fast charger has been around since the release of the s6 and s6 edge. The cost on samsung charger’s used to be around 8 dollars each but now if you want a genuine oem samsung fast charger they run about 20 dollars.  I have seen a lot for 8 dollars on walmart and ebay but buy looking at the reviews they do not look to be authentic. So a retail boxed one will run you about 20 dollar’s.  Now is that worth it.  I would say yes because of the amount of time it save’s you. You can have your s6 or s6 edge back up and running in about 30 minute’s with half the battery juice.

How Much Faster Are They Than Regular Charger’s like Anker or Aukey?

They might not be faster than Anker or Aukey. We are gonna do a review of that in a few days for the best fast chargers.

A regular samsung charger will run you about 6 dollars’s now but can take around 5 hours just to get your phone back up to speed. Customer’s used to carry 2 or 3 batteries with them just to get through the day when the note 4 was out. Now you can get your note 5 at full battery speed in about 50 minutes.  So I would say yes it worth it.  You dont have to purchase the extra batteries as well which save’s you enought to cover the expense of the SAMSUNG FAST CHARGER


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