S7 Sview Case Positive Attributes

What customers like about the s view s7 s7 edge cases from samsung.

The s view s7 case provides very little bulk which is great and really my favorite feature of this case. It also allows me to samsung fast adaptive charge my s7 phone with the samsung qi wireless charger.

Now that samsung puts the magnet in each of the s view cases we really love them now. I had the s3 s-view samsung case and it would flap open all the time and it was really not worth having.

Customer stated they have been using the samsung oem case for a few months now and has nothing bad to say. Well that is great feedback from a samsung customer.

I love this comment about the case.  It is thick but not bulky enough to make it inconvenient.

I have dropped my s7 phone 3 times and I did not get any scratches at all.  This customer was lucky his s7 phone did not get scratches because this case is not 100 percent protected against drops.

I was looking for cases for the galaxy s7 edge smart phone and came across the s view cases.  I saw there were 2 different cases the s view clear and the regular s view case made by samsung so I purchased the s view regular one in gold at sfelectronics website and was really happy with how it felt and looking on my s7 edge smart phone.

The samsung s7 case on amazon I purchased was indeed oem and came in retail packaging so I was really happy about that. I had to return it though because there was white spots that showed up after a while.

The s7 edge s view flip cover can be removed very quickly and provides really nice protection except against drops.

The galaxy s view settings for this sview case are really easy to get to and change to the format you want. Nothing can be really easier than this that is why I like it. I am very happy with simple products.

The product is really snazzy with its own display on the front s7 screen. I am very happy with my purchase on bestbuy.com .

The galaxy s7 s-view cover most talked about feature that you can answer the phone while keep your s7 or s7 edge protected is really great because I know when I have answered a phone call before and dropped my phone this helps sometimes to keep the s7 protected.


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