Samsung adaptive fast charger

Were going to answer questions about the samsung adaptive fast charger that works with the s5, s6, s6 edge, s6 edge plus, note 5, s7 and s7 edge samsung galaxy smartphones. This is the best samsung charger you can purchase. I would not purchase anything but oem chargers when it comes to fast charging your samsung galaxy smartphone. Our listing is on our website here SAMSUNG FAST ADAPTIVE CHARGER .s7 otterbox cases available here

Questions and Answers samsung fast adaptive charger?

  1. Is this the best samsung fast charger available? Yes I would purchase this because it is oem made by samsung and it has fast charging. With off brand chargers you dont know what your gonna get exactly.
  2. I am looking for the best samsung galaxy adaptive s6 charger is this okay? Yes this will be your best bet. It comes in retail packaging as well with warranty.
  3. I am looking for a portable charger for samsung s6 or my son’s s6edge what would you suggest? The best portable charger would be the samsung fast adaptive charger made by samsung and also you can find here in retail packaging SAMSUNG ADAPTIVE FAST CHARGER .
  4. What is a good samsung mobile charger price?  I would say for the retail packaged one around 20 to 29.95 is a good price.  There are some without retail packaging on ebay but they are not authentic a lot of the times. Here are some links to oem ones.

samsung adaptive retail packaged

ebay authentic samsung charger

  1. I have been looking for a while now were to buy a samsung charger and can you recommend a good place? We sell them at and there in retail packaging.



The samsung s7 s view clear covers

The official samsung s7 s view clear cover has been around for a while now since I beleive the samsung s2 actually.  These can be found at our store at  .  The retail price is 59.95 but we have a buy one great free sale going right now for a limited time .  This year of course you dont have to remove your battery door as the s7 samsung smartphone does not have a battery door.  What you have to do is just clip it onto the phone which is very easy to and your all set.  Some features for this case of course is you can check incoming calls through the area of the case that is open in the front.  It also has a clear section of course for the great samsung camera on the back of phone.  You can check the weather on your phone as well through the front.  I have heard about scratches appearing on the screen but that can happen anyways if your not wiping particles that get on your phone.  You can get missed calls and text messages.

On the backside there is samsung branding which looks very nice.  It comes in retail packaging as well.  There are alot of counterfeit type cases like this on ebay so make sure your purchasing from an authorized distributor. We also have wholesale availabel in the s7 samsung cases .

Samsung s7 edge s view case gold

Now that the s7 edge and s7 phone has passed sales of the iphone 6 and 6 plus there are alot of customers who are going to need a great case for the s7 phones.  We have tested cases from otterbox spigen and samsung and have concluded that our favorite case which is a samsung original staple is the samsung s7 edge s view case available in black gold or silver color.  We certainely do like the spigen cases as well.  The s view s7 edge case is great for protection of your samsung smartphone and it is very easy to install.  You just clip it into place and it gives protection for the lcd screen and the backside as well.  The s view case will work still if you are using the samsung fast wireless chargers or charging stands.  It comes with the clear window so you can still see incoming messages or calls, alerts etc.  You can answer the phone as well with the case closed .

Samsung fast charging review

Samsung Wireless Fast Charging Pad

Product Description:

Charge your device with this amazing Wireless Fast Charging Pad designed and introduced by the Korean Giant, Samsung. Available in white or black sapphire, the all-new wireless fast charging device can charge your handset with a lighting fast charging speed, which is 1.4x faster than other wireless charging pads.

Coming with a Universal Wireless Charging support for Qi-enabled devices, it offers wireless fast charging feature, which is compatible only with Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+.This wireless charging pad employs Qi inductive charging technology, allowing you to charge your device wirelessly with super-fast speed. Now, you don’t need to struggle with those messy, tangled wires and spend hours charging your smartphone.

All you need is to put your device on the wireless charging pad to get your smartphone fully charged in no time. The charging pad also allows you to use your device while charging without having to unplug, taking your charging experience to the next level. So, start enjoying fast wireless charging with Samsung Wireless Fast Charging Pad. The built-in LED light indicator keeps you posted with charging levels and also alerts you if the device isn’t properly placed in the center of charging pad. A spare Fast Charge Wall charger is provided complimentary with this wireless fast charging pad.


  • The ultimate wireless fast charging experience
  • Attractive, minimalist design with modern needs in minds
  • Qi Inductive charging technology
  • Super easy to use
  • LED light indicator keeps you posted with the charging status